I believe it is very important that knowledge about nutrition Health Coach Brenda Talks and health is accessible to a large audience.

That is why I like sharing as much information as possible with others. Whether you are organizing a health-, nutrition- or Veganism-themed event, want to create a healthier workplace for your employees or you need someone to teach a fun an healthy cooking class, I am available for all sorts of presentations and (cooking)workshops.

I am passionate about many different subjects concerning health and nutrition and I have experience speaking before groups of adults and children of different makes and sizes.
I take care to cater my presentations to the type of audience before me.

Options & Fees

I am available for speaking at (company) events, clubs, universities etc. The subject and length can be discussed. Fees are subject to negotiation and depending on the type of presentation and duration and are subject to Dutch tax law. I am also available, at a greatly reduced fee, for speaking events at non-profit organizations and schools.

Please contact me today to discuss the options.