Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions. This list is not complete, so if you have another pressing question about the way I work or a specific program, please feel free to contact me!

Short answer: No. BUT, you have to willing to really look into becoming one for your health. I will not offer any recipes or recommendations that include meat or dairy products, as I feel this will not lead to a healthful way of living. If you choose to continue to eat animal products, that is up to you. I will give you all the information which is scientifically based and will try to answer all your questions as honestly and correctly as possible. Together we will work towards a healthy regimen that works for you and makes you happy. Just don’t expect me to tell you lies about how everything in moderation means you can continue to stuff yourself with dangerous fats and cholesterol.
Whether you adopt a plant-based diet because of health reasons, or ethical reasons, does not matter really.
Yes! Having allergies or food tolerances does not prevent you from eating a healthy diet. Together we work around the foods you cannot tolerate to create a diet that is right for you. I do not work with one method that works for all as we are not all the same.
I am not a medical doctor and do not have the authority to make decisions on your medication. You should always consult your physician about medication related questions. I work with clients who do not have serious illnesses, are anywhere from a healthy weight to moderately obese to help them reach health and weight loss goals.
However, there is a lot of science-based evidence out there that a vegan diet is the best way to eat yourself to health. If you have serious health problems, please find a doctor who has knowledge of plant-based diets to start you on the right track and start by reading Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, How not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger and T. Colin Campbell’s The China Studies. Also, you can use my recipes and tips to get yourself started towards a healthier way of living. Of course you can always contact me to see if I can assist you in any other way. Just be aware that I might not be able to help everyone.
Besides taking a few necessary vitamin supplements such as Vitamin B12, D and maybe a zinc supplement (see supplements), I do not recommend supplementing anything. You should get nutrition from your food where possible. Real food is the best source of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. A balanced diet should provide you with all you need.
I have a degree as a Weight loss coach and as such used to be a registered member of the Association of Weight Loss Coaches Netherlands (Beroepsvereniging Gewichtsconsulenten Nederland – BGN). From 2019 on, however, I have decided to cancel my membership. Mainly because my clients are from all over the world and the benefits of being a member would only be for those residing in the Netherlands. Furthermore, because the BGN has to adhere to government guidelines, I feel they are not progressive enough in the field of nutrition and health. Their stance on healthy food is way behind on what we already know about plant-based nutrition. In my opinion, their recommendations do not do enough.
That said, I still adhere to many of the guidelines of the BGN and I am still fully qualified to coach people who want a healthier lifestyle and weight. I do not recommend fad diets or dieting in general, but approach every client journey as a way to create long lasting change. I also do not sell supplements or miracle drugs. Ethics are very important to me and I do not sell false hope.
When you sign up for a program or consult, I will send you details on the procedure and payment. You are required to pay up front, before the start of any program, unless we have come to a different agreement. In exceptional cases it is possible to request payment in terms.
You can, but life-style changes require a lot of work and a coach can help you stay focused on the goal. This takes time. Some people can do it on there own with a few tips and hints in the right direction, but there is a reason you are looking for a coach to help you. It’s better to have constant assistance while you make lasting changes for your health. It’s up to you, you can always try a free 15 minute talk and see what you need.
No, at the moment I only offer online assistance. Perhaps this may change at some point.