Dutch Sauerkraut Hotchpot



  • 2 parts potatoes (e.g. 1 kg potatoes) (peeled, quartered)
  • 1 part sauerkraut (e.g. 500 gr sauerkraut)
  • 3 onions (sliced)
  • 1 sweet apple (diced)
  • black pepper



1) Cook the potatoes together together with the apple cubes until soft. Make into a rough puree with a masher or a fork.
2) Meanwhile fry the onion slices in a separate non-stick frying pan until soft and golden.
3) In a separate pan, heat the sauerkraut and a few tablespoons of water. Heat until warm. The less heat, the more  probiotics are kept alive, so don't overheat.
4) Add the sauerkraut to the potatoes and mash together (hence the hotchpot). Add pepper to taste.
5) Serve with a Vegan sausage or hamburger.