The Healthy Vegan

Are you a (beginning) Vegan or are you interested in starting a plant-based diets, but are you unsure how and where to?
The Healthy Vegan
Do you have questions like:

  • How do I get enough calories and nutrients on a plant-based diet?
  • Will I get enough protein?
  • How do I create tasty and nutritious plant-based meals?


Veganism = Health?

More and more people are concerned with eating more healthfully and how their ecological footprint impacts our planet. This is one of the many reasons more people are switching to a plant-based way of life. Unfortunately, this does not mean per se that they are really eating more healthy foods. There are a lot of vegan products to choose from these days which are laden with fat, salt and sugar and cannot be considered a healthy option solely on the basis they are 'plant foods'.

It is wholly possible to be an unhealthy Vegan, but do you want to?

Even though there are many websites and cook books available which promote a healthy plant-based diet, there are many many more which promote deliciously fattening plant-based delicacies. Also, I often notice that by omitting meat, diary and eggs from their diets, many new vegans get into trouble adequately filling the caloric void that these products leave. This causes them to feel hungry, tired and listless, creating a false notion that plant-based diets are hard to stick to, when it is entirely possible to feel completely satisfied and full on a plant-based diet that consists of mostly whole foods.

Plant-Based diet for Everyone!

Luckily, there are many many ways to create delicious, filling and well-balanced plant-based meals. In this program, I am going to tell you how to do this.
My mission is to teach as many Vegans as possible what quality plant-based nutrition is, so they can be healthy and confident Vegans.


I will teach you how to create quality plant-based meals and together we will look at your current eating habits and we will find ways to change or tweak them to fit your needs.
People who are currently in doubt about whether to go plant-based are definitely welcome to join the program.
Based on an interview we will decide what it is that you need to do. After a thorough health check, I will give you recommendations and information on healthy plant-based eating habits.
You will also receive tips on plant-based substitutes for you favorite foods, Vegan products and simple recipes.

Program Details

The Healthy Vegan
Plant-Based Diet for Everyone
€ 145

30 minute intake interview

Extensive personal Health Check

Access to information on Veganism & healthy plant-based living

Tips on plant-based substitutes for you favorite foods & Vegan products

Simple recipes

The possibility to ask questions once via email