Family Coaching

Family Coaching

  • Is your child suffering from being (slightly) overweight and are you worried about his/her health?
  • Would you like to know more about how your child's eating habits can lead to a healthier, happier and more relaxed life for your child?
  • Have you gone to your General Practitioner or other Health Professional and have they told you your child needs to lose weight for health reasons?
  • Do you find it difficult to make healthy choices for your family and do you feel that your whole family would benefit immensely from good advice and guidance by a professional health coach?

A Healthy Family

These days it can be very difficult to know what healthy eating is. We are constantly bombarded with commercials that tell us to buy all kinds of 'food products'. Daily we are confronted with conflicting messages from the Media. Family life is often hectic and convenience plays a big role in meal planning and eating. We take less time to cook our own meals and eat out more often. This behavior often leads to an unhealthy and unbalanced eating pattern, which children are more and more the victim of.

When children are overweight, this often leads to continued weight- and health problems later in life, such as obesity and Diabetes. By working on the health of your entire family with the help of a professional health coach, you are giving your child a chance to enjoy a carefree youth and a healthy body in the future.

Children and Weight Problems

While most parents are doing their best to provide healthy meals for their families, it is a fact that more and more children in the world are suffering from being overweight and relating health issues. More and more children are diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2, which used to be a disease that affected adults primarily.


During the Family Coaching program, we will look into what your family needs to make lasting changes regarding eating habits and lifestyle, to help the whole family live a healthier life.
I will make a plan based on the outcome of the intake interview and analysis of the food diary. Based on this plan, we will start our work and I will guide your family during coaching calls. I will also provide information on healthy foods and tasks for the whole family to participate in together.
We will look at ways to implement what you learn into your daily lives, so we can lay a solid foundation for the future.

Individual Coaching

Because I believe that a child is never solely responsible for his or her weight or health issues, I do not like to treat children individually. Unless there is no other option and it is what is best for the child. We achieve the best results if the entire family works together to improve their eating- and exercise habits.

Therefore I recommend choosing the Family Coaching program when it comes to helping children with weight & food related issues. If, for any reason, this does not prove possible, it is possible coach a child individually.

Program Details

Family Coaching
Learning to Make Healthier Choices Together
€ 425

60 minute intake interview

Extensive personal Health Check

Personal plan: PDF with health and nutrition advice

3 x 30 minute Coaching calls

Access to information on nutrition

Personalized meal plan for one week

Simple recipes