A Personal Approach to Health Coaching

Professional Guidance

With me by your side as your personal coach, you don't have to figure everything out by yourself.

I will help you make permanent and healthy changes in your life, and I posses the professional knowledge and experience to guide you safely and effectively.

Vegan Health Coach

No Magic Formula for Weight Loss

I believe that every human being is different and has different needs. My approach to health coaching reflects this belief.

I do not offer quick solutions, super food "fad-diets", supplements. There is no magic formula for weight loss.

What I offer is something far more valuable and lasting: knowledge of what a healthy life style is and ways to create permanent changes in your behavior to ensure you reach a healthy weight that suits YOUR body. I always take into account your cultural background and preferences, so these changes fit the type of person you are.
The process will bring you knowledge, selfconfidence and self-love.


In order to achieve the best results, I expect from you to be are prepared to make significant changes in your life. I expect full effort. As your coach I will help you find the answers and I will support you to find the motivation to face the challenges ahead. I believe everyone can live healthier lives and create positive changes. Even if you have tried every diet on the planet and you have lost and gained weight countless times, you too can learn how to make decision that contribute to lasting good health with the help of a professional health coach.

Online from the comfort of home

Online Coaching

My practice is an online practice. I use the phone, Skype* (with or without video), e-mail and digital materials to guide you whenever is convenient for you.
Online coaching gives you the benefit of being able to contact me irrespective of where ever I am, not having to wait for a physical appointment and being able to talk to me from the comfort of your own home.

Do you find it difficult to choose which program is best suited for you or would you like to meet me first to see if we are a good match? Make an appointment today, or email me with your questions. No obligations!

I can help you with the following

Weight loss & Weight gain
I can help anyone who is lightly to seriously overweight (BMI 25-30) or underweight (BMI<18) reach a healthy weight that fits a healthy life style. I do not work with diets, pills or magic potions, but my methods are created to achieve lasting behavioral change. I am there for you as a coach and mentor, to ensure you go through the program with confidence and to make sure you learn healthy eating- and lifestyle habits, that will last you a life time. If you are struggling with obesity (BMI >30), I can most likely assist you while you remain under the medical supervision of a general practitioner or qualified physician.

Veganism/ Switching to Plant-Based Diets
Are you a (beginning) Vegan or are you interested in starting a plant-based diet, but are you unsure how?

Do you have questions like:
* How do I get enough calories and nutrients on a plant-based diet?
* Will I get enough protein?
* How do I create tasty and nutritious plant-based meals?

I can help you switch to a plant-based lifestyle and/or provide you with the tools to do it in a healthy and responsible way.

Emotional Eating
Eating is not just about nourishing the body, but also has a lot of psychological and social implications. For some eating becomes a way to repress emotions and deal with stress. This can lead to a host of health problems which exacerbate the emotional problems. I can help you get to the bottom of why you eat and help you find other ways to relieve stress and deal with emotional issues that are not food or addiction related.

Child & Family Coaching
When a child is having to deal with weight-related health issues, it is very important that the entire family work together to help the child be healthy again. Because I believe that a child is never solely responsible for his or her weight or health issues, I do not like to treat children individually. We achieve the best results if the entire family works together to learn new skills and improve their eating- and exercise habits.

Nutrients for Optimal Health
Would you like to know if you are doing the right things to be healthy? Are you worried you might not be getting all the nutrients you need for optimal health? Have you just started a plant-based diet and are you not sure if you are doing it ‘right’? You will learn more about nutrition and gain insight into how you can improve your diet.

Simple & Fun Ways to Cook
I believe any one can learn to enjoy preparing healthy and nutritious meals for themselves and their families. I will show you ways to do this and not feel like it is a massive chore. I have tested fun recipes and ideas to make healthy meals for any occasion that are easy to recreate and adapt to your (family's) needs.

Choose the Coaching Program that suits your needs

You do not necessarily have to choose a program right away. You can also make this choice during the intake or make a free appointment to find out what is best for you.

Single Consult
€ 45

30 minute consultation (or max. 5 questions answered via email)

Health & nutrition advice during the consultation

The Health Check
Nutrients for Optimal Health
€ 99

Extensive personal Health Check

PDF rapport with my findings & recommendations

15 minute consultation

The Healthy Vegan
Plant-Based Diet for Everyone
€ 145

30 minute intake interview

Extensive personal Health Check

Access to information on Veganism & healthy plant-based living

Tips on plant-based substitutes for you favorite foods & Vegan products

Simple recipes

The possibility to ask questions once via email

The No Diet Plan
Permanent Weight Loss the Healthy Way
€ 299

60 minute intake interview

Extensive personal Health Check

Personal plan: PDF with health and nutrition advice

3 x 30 minute Coaching calls

Access to information on nutrition

Personalized meal plan for one week

Simple recipes

Family Coaching
Learning to Make Healthier Choices Together
€ 425

60 minute intake interview

Extensive personal Health Check

Personal plan: PDF with health and nutrition advice

3 x 30 minute Coaching calls

Access to information on nutrition

Personlized meal plan for one week

Simple recipes

What to expect?

1. Sign Up

You can sign up for your personal coaching program via the registration form. You will receive a confirmation and I will send you suggestions to schedule an appointment for an intake or I will ask you to answer additional questions I might have. In preparation for the intake I will send you an intake form. This form consists of a number of questions and a one-week food diary you will have to fill out before the intake. This way I can optimally prepare myself for our conversation.

2. Intake

We will start each program with an extensive intake interview. Depending on the program, this will take 30 or 60 minutes*. During this intake we will get to know each other and I will ask you a lot of questions about your life, your eating habits, your objective(s) and health issues. Based on this information, and the information from an extensive health check, I will work out your personal plan, filled with recommendations on how to go about increasing your health and reaching the goals you have set. You will receive the plan via email within 2/3 days.

*The Health Check: no intake interview. The Healthy Vegan: 30 minute interview. The No Diet Plan and Family Coaching: 60 minute interview.

3. Follow Up

After the intake you will go to work with the advice from the plan. Depending on the program and your needs, there will be follow up consultations via phone or Skype or you will be able to ask questions via email. In the follow up consultations we discuss the progress and issues you encounter. I will help you in these conversations to come up with solutions and motivate you to continue. Depending on your progress, you may or may not need additional consultations.

Do you have a specific question about nutrition, your personal eating habits or Veganism, but you do not want to commit to a program (yet)? Than it is possible to request a Single Consult.

The fee for a single 30 minute consult is €45. If you prefer to ask your questions via email, you will receive a maximum of 5 answers on any questions you might have on health and nutrition topics.

*All fees are inclusive of 21% VAT in compliance with Dutch law, unless stated otherwise.

When you have chosen a specific program or Single Consult, you will receive an invoice. You then have 14 days to pay the total amount, before the start of any program, unless we have come to a different agreement. In exceptional cases it is possible to request payment in terms. Payment can be done by an easy bank transfer.

Please note that it may take a few days for the payment to be completed, depending on your bank's procedure and country of residence.

I am not a medical doctor and I do not posses the qualifications or knowledge to make decisions or statements about medication. Always contact your physician or medical professional if you have questions about medication. Do not stop taking your prescription medication without consulting your doctor first.

I cannot be held responsible for the consequences if, during the preliminary interview or at any other time during our agreement, you neglect to disclose important medical information or any other information concerning your health or existing medical conditions.

I work primarily with 'healthy' clients or clients who are slightly to severely overweight, who want to work towards losing weight and towards reaching healthy weight loss goals.
If you have serious health problems and/or special diet needs, preferably seek a medical doctor or dietitian who is specialized in plant-based diets, so you can get the best of both worlds.

You can always contact me to see if and how I can assist you, even if you have special needs. With your permission I can always consult with your doctor.
Be aware that I cannot help everyone and this might include you.

Ready to start your healthier life?

Make a free appointment today and discover how I can help you!