These days it is possible to learn many things, yet it seems it has become a lot harder to make the right choices when it comes to our health and nutrition. TV commercials, diet fads and famous people with weird eating habits determine more and more the way we think about food.


This misleading information leads to greater confusion about what healthy eating habits are. In order to make good choices, I believe it is important to have a clear and complete picture and to know in which way your day to day choices can drastically influence your health.

Who is Health Coach Brenda?

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My mission is to teach anyone, who is motivated to change his/her life for the better, how to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The key concepts in this process are self-reliance and permanent change. A diet should be for life and healthy habits are absolutely vital.

Whether you choose one of the programs, a one time consultation or you contact me for a simple question: As you health coach, I am committed to giving you 100% of my time and attention.

Your health is my mission!

Brenda Waldekker Vegan Health Coach


With me by your side as your personal coach, you don't have to figure everything out by yourself. I will help you make permanent and healthy changes in your life, and I posses the professional knowledge and experience to guide you safely and effectively. I have done a lot of work for you, BUT that doesn't mean that it is going to be easy. Maintaining a healthy body takes a lot of effort, discipline and perseverance.
You can choose from different types of coaching programs or request a single consult. All my plans are tailored to your specific goals, because I believe that every human being is different and has different needs.
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I love speaking about health and nutrition subjects! If you are looking for a confident speaker who speaks with passion and conviction, give me a call. All talks will be tailored to your specific event, company or foundation.
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I think it is very import that you have access to solid, scientific information about nutrition and health. That is why I have a number of articles and links to interesting websites and documentaries for you on my website. I also have a collection of delicious recipes, so you can easily get inspired to cook easy and healthy meals.
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